Dalai Lama Is Seeking Separation: NPC Official
2004-04-08 14:14

 LHASA, October 30 (Xinhuanet)-- An official from the Chinese National People's Congress (NPC) has said that the Dalai Lama is seeking separation and independence by demanding so-called genuine autonomy.

 The official, from the foreign affairs committee of the NPC, made the remark after the Dalai Lama had made the demand at the general assembly of the European Parliament on October 24.

 The same official added that the Tibetans and other ethnic minorities now account for 93.2 percent of the staff that is administering the entire region of Tibet at various levels.

 The Tibetans enjoy more than 160 local laws that are formulated in accordance with the specialities of the region. The local residents observe their own festivals such as the Tibetan new year and local workers have a 35-hour working week instead of the 40-hour week as observed elsewhere in the country.

 The NPC official argued that all these facts had shown that the Tibetans have been enjoying full regional autonomy and have already materialized their ideal of self-administration.

 "The Dalai Lama would not face the fact or the truth," said the official, "What the Dalai Lama is demanding is not at all autonomy but a round-about for separation and independence." (End)